PlayPower® Introduces Solar-Powered PlaySoleil® Lighting for Playgrounds at NRPA Annual Conference

Easily installed on new and existing playground structures, PlaySoleil is affordable, aesthetically pleasing and helps address the security concerns of those who oversee parks


NASHVILLE, TN, Sept. 21, 2021 — PlayPower, the world’s largest commercial playground and recreational equipment manufacturer, today introduced PlaySoleil®, a patent-pending, solar-powered light durably designed to easily fit into the posts of new and current playground structures. Shining light in a downward trajectory from atop the equipment, PlaySoleil illuminates playgrounds, discouraging unwanted after-hours activity without the need to run electricity.

PlayPower launched PlaySoleil today at the 2021 National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) Annual Conference, held at the Music City Center in Nashville. The product is available to view and order in these three booths: Little Tikes Commercial® (Booth No. 1201), Miracle® (Booth No. 1400) and Playworld® (Booth No. 1001). The conference exhibit runs until 3:30pm tomorrow, September 22nd.

“Security and safety are huge priorities for anyone maintaining a commercial space, and PlaySoleil provides an affordable, aesthetically pleasing way to help address those concerns,” said Todd Brinker, PlayPower senior vice president, commercial growth, for outdoor play. “When the sun goes down and play areas are unsupervised, they can become gathering spaces for older children and adults. Parks are seeing more off-hours traffic, particularly during the pandemic, and lighting helps deter vandalism to the substantial investments that are our community playgrounds.”

Unlike existing solutions that create unwanted light pollution in public parks, PlaySoleil shines downward onto the structure and does not illuminate the surrounding area, limiting light pollution.

The product is crafted to work seamlessly with most playgrounds, as its stair-step design can be secured to 3.5”, 4” or 5” diameter posts. Its cylindrical base allows for easy integration, simply taking the place of the dome-shaped caps that would otherwise be atop the posts.

PlaySoleil is more efficient and more affordable than previous outdoor lighting options and can be added to playground equipment at any time. Many parks do not have playground lighting due to the cost of running electricity, which often includes digging a trench and burying wires underground. The most common method of lighting playgrounds today is with bollard lights or streetlights, which can be very expensive.

Recent advancements in LED and battery technology allow PlayPower to deliver this product that will, when fully charged, shine from sundown to sunup, discouraging vandalism or other destructive behavior and making patrolling easier for security guards and local police.

Charging typically requires two hours of direct sunlight.

“Our team at PlayPower understands our role in helping customers protect their investments, to ensure playgrounds bring joy to generations of children and families,” said Brinker. “When playgrounds are damaged or vandalized, they can be out of commission. The introduction of PlaySoleil demonstrates our commitment to listening to our customers, investing in new technology that meets their needs, and the needs of kids.”

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